Note and Coin Counters

GTS is proud to announce that we are now a reseller for G+D
What we offer from the G+D range:
➡️Note Counters:
Pro Note 120
✅Up to 1,500 banknotes per minute
✅Up to 6 different currencies
✅Security feature validation
✅Faster cash balancing with multi-value balance
✅Up to 63,000 banknotes per hour
✅Can be easily integrated with cash management software
✅State-of-the-art sensors
✅Very simple, intuitive, and easy to use
➡️Coin Counters:
Coin 100
✅Single denomination
✅Up to 2,500 coins per minute
✅Up to 12,000 coins intake capacity
✅Up to 10 coin types
Propack Bag
✅Up to 1,800 pcs per minute
✅Hopper capacity 4,000 pcs
✅Up to 30 packages per minute
✅Bag size L 100-140mm W 100mm
✅Simple operation
➡️ CashAccSys Grande
The secure cash receiving terminal
Easy reconciling of cash takings
✅10” touch screen – XML ready
✅High-speed note counter, with a high acceptance rate
✅Full counterfeit validation with 93 currencies recognized
✅Low jam rate
✅Detailed receipt print-out
✅Anti-Tamper bag design
✅Up to 800 banknotes per minute
✅300 note hopper capacity
✅Bag capacity 10,000 – 15,000 notes